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Employer Initiative

Health Plan Design Solutions to Improve Diabetes Outcomes

The Diabetes Leadership Council partners with employers, employer organizations, and benefit consultants and proposes simple solutions to reduce plan risk and out-of-pocket costs for employees and their dependents:

  • Insulin exemption: adding insulin to a list of medicines that are covered during the deductible phase
  • Discount and rebate sharing: passing through manufacturer’s rebates to employees at the pharmacy
  • Co-payments: employee cost sharing through reasonable, predictable co-payments instead of variable coinsurance
  • Technology access: cover all FDA-approved diabetes devices and technologies

DLC has teamed up with JDRF and their Coverage2Control initiative to raise employer awareness and promote implementation of these value-based insurance design features — improving diabetes care quality with coverage that reduces overall plan costs and mitigates risks to employers and their employees.

Request an Employer Presentation

If your company’s HR or Employee Benefits team wants to learn more about optimizing diabetes coverage, or if you would like DLC to present at your organization’s meeting or conference contact us at