Access To Insulin - Employer Plan Design Initiative

Our Round Table Event in November on Access to Insulin identified that 57% of people using insulin are exposed to list prices at the pharmacy counter at some point during the year. The Round Table effort also identified specific points of the supply chain driving list price and the insurance plan structures that cause them to be growing in prevalence.DLC is now launching an effort focused on educating employer's on the importance of the pharmacy benefit plan design and its impact on the health of their participants, as well as the cost savings an appropriately designed plan can have for both their employee/participants and also the employers themselves.This new initiative is targeted at large employers, employer groups/organizations, and benefit consultants with two simple requests:

  1. Place insulin on the preventive drug list which bypasses deductibles in most plans.
  2. Ensure that all rebates and discounts negotiated by Prescription Benefit Managers on behalf of the plan are passed on to all employees/participants even during a deductible phase.

We are developing messaging and materials to support this initiative and will be sharing those items on the site in coming weeks. We will also be partnering with other diabetes advocacy groups, bloggers, and all organizations interested in furthering these messages.This effort does not require an Act of Congress. It requires free market forces to exercise their rights and responsibilities. Please check back to this page in a few weeks to learn more about this important initiative.