Diabetes Action Plans

The Issue

Diabetes is a serious disease that affects over 29 million people and their families nationwide. The cost of this disease is a huge: $245 billion dollars of our economy. Left unchecked, diabetes has the potential to bankrupt our health care system especially in the area of Medicaid. Many states have no plan for addressing the challenges they face in managing the costs and treatment of people with diabetes.

The DLC’s Stance

Ideally, every state would have a diabetes action plan. We stand ready to offer testimony, public comment, or information to help any state conduct research as they begin to address this critical issue. We have been involved with many of the 15 states that have already passed bills requiring strategic plans for dealing with diabetes, and can offer insights as to their thought processes and actions.

Our Activism

In Kansas, the DLC urged the passage of HB2032 which required the state to develop a report on diabetes, enabling the government to understand and address the pandemic of diabetes in Kansas. Read our statements to Representative Hawkins, Chair of the Kansas Health and Human Services Committee and Kansas House Representative Goico.In Indiana, the DLC continued its efforts to gain passage of Diabetes Action Plan legislation in the 2016 session by supporting HB1176 and SB209. Read our letter to Representative Kirchhofer, Chair of the Public Health Committee DLC lttr on IN HB1176.