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DLC statement on authorized generic insulin

DLC released a statement in response to Lilly’s plan to introduce an authorized generic for Humalog insulin in the U.S. at a reduced list price. We welcome this effort to reduce out-of-pocket costs for lifesaving insulin and call on all health care system stakeholders to commit to a comprehensive and lasting solution to rising insulin costs.

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March 8, 2019

Lilly’s plan to release an authorized generic for Humalog is an important step toward more affordable insulin in the United States. It will help people currently struggling with high out-of-pocket costs for a lifesaving medicine and accelerate the growing shift away from a rebate system that disproportionately harms people with diabetes or other chronic diseases.

We recognize the problems in our health care system are too complex for one company or industry to solve. All health care system stakeholders have roles in a comprehensive and lasting solution to rising costs.

DLC will continue working with advocacy partners, manufacturers, employers and other health plan sponsors, insurers, pharmacy benefit managers, health care providers and policymakers until every person affected by diabetes has effective, affordable health care and a discrimination-free environment.